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Date: 31/01/2018

The publishing trainingprogram trains students to have publishing college degree with the theoretical and organizational skills in managing the publishing business in publishing agencies, enterprises and business units, press agencies and media companies.

Production of Training Program

Introducing the training program 

Graduated from high school or equivalent.

1. Knowledge:

 - Have background in economics, administration and law.

 - Understand the publishing knowledge and development trend in Vietnam and the world.

 - Be aware ofthe basis of theoretical business of publications in specialty goods in the context of global economy.

 - be able to organize and conduct business publications on all markets in the current conditions.

 2. Skills:

- Ability to conduct market research and strategic planning of publishing business.

 - Ability to organize goods such as buying, publishing and trading copyright in the nation and the world.

 - Ability to control and run business promotion activities such as PR, advertising, marketing to promote goods of the business.

- Ability to distribute and sale of publications with the negotiation skills, persuasion skills and solving- problem skills when they receive feedback from customers.

 - Ability to manage and control business operations that are effective in all markets.

Workplaces: graduates can work in publishing business organizations, publishing agencies, press units, media companies and state management agencies in publishing activities, and publishing training and research institutions.

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