Garment Technology

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Date: 31/01/2018

Garment Technologyplays a very important role in the fashion industry. Thanks to the garment and fashion technology, human beings can create comfortable clothing and accessories, based on the best materials and the most professional drawings. Therefore, garment technology always attracts young learners, especially young people love art, fashion with new styles, creative to create fashionable art products that associated with the social life.

Production of Training Program

Introducing the training program 

-         Graduated from high school or equivalent.

-         Subject Test  : Color Decoration 


 - Technical drawing of garment industry

- Garment materials

 - Costume Design

 - Pattern cutting- sewing technique


- Ability to work independently

- Team coordination skills

- Developing creativity 

Graduates can establish their own business, private enterprises

Graduates can work as professional consultants for garment enterprises.

Gradates can take part in technical staff, be supervisors, be production staff at garment factories.

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