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Date: 31/01/2018

Cinematography is the direct manipulation of the camera under the direction of the cinematographer, visual director or director to shoot the scene. In general, cinematographers and video directors do not directly control the camera, but sometimes the three positions are performed by only one person.

Production of Training Program

Graduated from high school or equivalent.

Studentsare instructed Black and White Photography Techniques, Outdoor Photography Techniques and Internal Lighting.

Students are taught in layout skills and camera movement, external lighting practice and interior lighting.

Students are equipped with the skills of staging the layout and design of machine movements;

Students are provided knowledge of film genres and documentaries. A hands-on tutorial with digital camcorders, short films with internal studio audio and complete short film filming combining internal and external.

Students are introduced to plastic film cameras, a practical guide to plastic film cameras and special effects Art. They will be Short filmmakers graduate in genres such as feature films or documentaries.

After graduation, students can undertake filmmaking and film filming (Director of photography) of film studios, film crews, filmmakers, Industry in the country, central and local television stations, media companies, advertising.

Students can take over projects in the fields of film such as television, communication, film making.

Students are able to work as a researcher or assistant lecturer in the field of cinematography at film and television training schools in the country.

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