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Date: 31/01/2018

College degree program of Business Accounting, belonging toBusiness Accounting, establishedbasing on the Business Registration Certificate No. 44/2002 / QD-BTC dated 29th, April, 2002 issued by the Ministry of Finance Federal. The purpose of the training program is to educatestudents to become those have college degree, good ethics and conscientiousness, have a sense of discipline, be industrious and have good health in order to serve the socio-economic development.

Production of Training Program

Introducing the training program

+ Theory: students master the accounting principles, accounting, finance, and currency.

+ Practice: Students can make book reports, accounting vouchers, can analyze financial activities, and do the accounting works on computer.

Graduated from high school or equivalent.

+ Standard of knowledge:

- Theory standard: students are provided with knowledge of economic law, monetary finance and credit, and knowledge of law. They have ability to apply knowledge into practice and self-study, train themselves to enhance the qualification.

- Practice standard: studentshave capacity of practice competently in business accounting field.

+ Standard of Skills:

 - Ability to practice relatively proficient in accounting profession is trained in the specialized field at the assigned work

 - Ability to apply the knowledge and trained work and self-study, practice to improve professional qualifications and professional work.

- Ability to use administrative techniques to compile documents and arrange work files in assigned tasks.

- Ability to use Basic English to serve the job when necessary

- Ability to exploit application software to collect, synthesize and analyze data on computer.

+ Standard of attitudes: (Qualities, ethics, lifestyle and civic responsibility)

- Having professional,carefulness, scientific and accurate, obey the process and the scope in work.

- Having the spirit of struggling against the manifestation of law violations in the economic and financial management of the enterprise and in the socioeconomic life.

 - Having the spirit of mastery, honesty, thrifty, integrity, impartial publicity in the work assigned.

- Graduates can confidently work in agencies, companies, enterprises, enterprises with specialized accounting professional businesses have learned.

 - General accountants, partialaccountants in the accounting department of all types of enterprises.

- Employees for accounting company.

- Assistants in auditing companies.

- Supervisors, inspectors, accountants in agencies.

 - Employees in charge of financial work in the units.

 - Employees in the agencies managing the state accounting and auditing activities.

+ Ability to learn to improve knowledge after graduation:

- Ability to self-study, update knowledge according to the requirements of professional work.

- Ability to continue studying at university.

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