Vocal Music studies at Saigonact College and job opportunities

Date: 09/03/2018

Music is considered a spiritual food that is indispensable in human life. With the development of digital technology, this art is growing stronger, closer to the public. For many young people, music is the way of dreams and musical activity is always attractive to the audience in four directions. Studying Vocal Music at the College of Arts, Culture and Tourism of Saigon, students are completely confident members of the show with a strong job opportunities.

At present, there are quite a few centers train vocal music from basic to advance, or short courses that help learners master some of the techniques and perfect their vocals. This gives a lot of choices to the learners. However, with a three-year training program is professionally trained at the SACT, the internationally-accredited experimental program allows students to be confident in their career after graduation.

Vocal Music studies at Saigonact College and job opportunities

In addition to basic knowledge such as music history, vocal technique, music analysis, vocal music, choir, chorus, performance ... the special program focuses on performance practice with direct instruction by famous experts, artists and singers in each music genre, and in conjunction with the program to help students practice and grasp the skills of performing while on school With the practical training, Saigon University of Culture, Arts and Tourism has built up a practical model for students to experience multi-dimensional learning programs and ready to participate in the competition, contest for great musical talent in the region and the world. At the same time, the school focuses on inviting international and national experts to perform, organize classes to improve the students’ professional skills in the department, and performance so that the students have a chance to rub and practice at maximum.

Vocal Music studies at Saigonact College and job opportunities

Saigonact’s students confidently master the stage with solid job opportunities after graduation

With a team of professors, associate professors, doctors, masters, folk artists, elite artists, musicians ... Along with a team of qualified teachers, the school actively invested material facilities in order to create the best conditions for the trainees to practice their profession. In addition, the classrooms of the collective, the theory is also equipped with a full range of audio-visual equipment such as computer, projector, disc player, amplifier, microphone ... Students after graduation in music industry from Saigon College of Arts, Culture and Tourism will have many opportunities to work in such positions as:

- Becoming a teacher of professional music training institutions; teachers of  music in universities, colleges of pedagogy (music department, kindergarten ...), schools from elementary school to junior high school;

- Working  as cultural and artistic specialists of centers, departments of provinces and cities.

- Making music editors of radio and television stations, writing music articles ...

- Being composer wrote the song

- Recording artist - recording technician.

- In addition, graduates can receive jobs such as recording vocal music for TV commercials, recording event companies' songs, master tapes for other companies, The music of other artist singers ...

In 2018, the school offers a variety of admissions and scholarships for new students entering the school.

Admission Form:

Tourism, Economics, Foreign Language:

- Just graduating from high school or equivalent is eligible to consider admissions and enter the formal college of tourism, economy, foreign languages.

Graduation and examination of the Arts, Industrial Arts (Audio, Drama and Theater, Film Direction, Graphic Design, Fashion Design).

- Graduated from high school and 2 competitions.

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