Date: 23/01/2018

University - students- enterprise: sustainable relationship

          Over the past years, the Foundation Management Board of Saigon Tourist University has had a close relationship with roughly 2,000 companies, enterprises spreading from the South to the North including lots of different fields such as Tourism, Economy, Foreign languages, Arts, Industry and other fields have created a strong bridge between the school and the business in introducing students to participate in the internships and get jobs after graduation. The Foundation Management Board of Saigon University of Tourist regularly sends students to companies and enterprises directly to practice their skills and work ethic, develop their creation and actively at work.

Lots of beneficial conferences and practical activities for students

In 2017, the Foundation Management Board of Saigon Tourist University boosts foreign affairs through international seminars regarding tourism under the theme " Mekong - river connection of Culture, Tourism, Economy" by the Foundation Management Board of Saigon Tourist University, in collaboration with Charles de Gaulle University - Lille 3 (France), San Francisco University (USA) and Ohlone College (USA) co-organized.

 TFMB of Saigon Tourist University has successfully held 2 international scientific conferences and 3 National Tourism Conferences. This is an environment that canassist students to access their careers and get self-enhancement to be global students.In addition, TFMB of Saigon Tourist University into the global community. In addition, TFMBof Saigon Tourist University has many practical activities associated with the social community such as green summer campaign, gratitude movement campaign, charity programs, and free social activities. Through these activities, students are cultivated their job skills and get more conscious community.

 Theinternship center and short-term internship programs and jobs

 The internship center regularly organizes short-term internship programs, internships as well as supports for students to find jobs during their studies and after graduation. Students will be trained in the system of restaurants, hotels, wedding and convention centers, tour companies, film companies and standard practice rooms.

 In particular, through real trips, observing and studying at companies and businesses help students have direct contacts in their jobs. Since then, students understand the requirements of the recruiter so as to have best preparation for starting a business in the future. Organizing job fair events regularly helps and guides students to practice and recruits them to work in enterprises so that it is supported to provide high quality human resources to meet the needs of society.

Outcome standards and employment opportunities

With the advanced training program, focusing on high quality with appropriate standards for integration into ASEAN, during the study period, students are invited to participate in internships and short-term  internship trips at boththe national companies and enterprises and the international ones. Students are also introduced the job when they are still studying at the university. Graduates are able to work immediately and efficiently in the enterprise without having to be re-trained.

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