The shocking "proposals" become reality in the 2018 National High School exam

Date: 18/07/2018

Through the National High School in 2017, there are many controversial suggestions: increase the paralysis to 3 points, minus points with wrong answers, increase the number of answers to 5 per question ... From these proposals, The Ministry of Education and Training considers putting on many new points in this extremely important national exam. Increase the difficulty of the national high school exam 2018

The exam in 2017 has not met the enrollment of top schools such as: police, army, medicine anf pharmacy ... The ministry will research and change the proportion of knowledge in the subject. Instead of 60% basic and 40% advanced,  it should be changed to 40% basic and 60% advanced.

Increase the level of paralysis to 3 points

In 2017, the number of paralysis examinations decreased more significantly than 2016. The main reason was except literature, the remaining subjects were tested by multiple-choice test. So the amount of students were paralysis very little. Before that situation, many candidates had low scores still graduated and recruited, in 2018 there will be reconsidered.

Candidates took information the training systems at the school's enrollment booth.

Reduce the difference among priority objects

This is a hotspot of the admission stages, the candidates score high but they do not get prior points . This is the reason why they have less opportunity to study in the top schools, while candidates score lower accepted. At present, the Ministry of Education and Training is consulting public opinion and research, recalculating this level to suit the actual situation of the country.

In multiple-choice test, wrong answer can be minus points

With the rain of the 10 points of the national high school in 2017, to limit the students cram only a subject likely to be asked about, rote learning is still outstanding and increasing the assessment and classification of test candidates. The authorities have recommended Ministry that have to 

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