The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) officially announces the new national high school exam 2018

Date: 07/05/2018

MOET has announced a series of new points in the national high school exam 2018. On March 9th, MOET officially announced the Regulation of the National High School for Higher Education has been amended and added a number of articles. This Circular takes effect on April 15.

Graduation consideration in 2018

Accordingly, in the regulations, the discipline of the exam was tightened more during the examination, as a record, college admissions as well as graduate recognition. Specifically, the regulations, the subjects have to register for the exam and submit papers in full, in accordance with procedures and deadlines.

Candidates who are eligible to sit the examination, are not disciplined to cancel the test results in all the tests, the test component of the combination test to get graduation exam scores are achieved on 1 point on a scale grade 10 and a Grading Point of 5 or more graduates will be recognized for graduating from high school in 2018.

Faculty of Arts - Saigonact annually has the number of contestants and enrollment in many majors in all majors

Odd clauses are rounded to 2 decimal places

The Ministry of Education and Training amended and supplemented the regulations on the marking in accordance with the guidelines on marking, answers and marks of the Ministry of Education and Training. The test is scored on a scale of 10; The odd points of the whole point are rounded to 2 decimal places (the odd point is defined to be 0.25 rounded).

In case of serious errors such as: falsifying dossiers for enjoyment of preferential or incentive regime, they shall be deprived of their right to study at universities and colleges in the year; Using unlawful diplomas and certificates; Let other people take the test, take the test; Arresting, assaulting officials or other candidates in the examination, using the certificate of illegal examination results for recruitment.

In case of violation, the examination results shall be canceled and the dossiers shall be submitted to the competent agencies for consideration and handling according to law.

Free candidates must graduate from junior high school

In 2018, MOET continues to organize each province as a cluster administered by the Department of Education and Training. Candidates in any local competition in the cluster of the local.

Candidates for upper secondary school must take four exams to be considered for high school graduation, including: Mathematics, Language Arts, Foreign Language and a combination of Social Science or Natural Science.

Candidates in the regular education program will take three exams including: Mathematics, Language Arts and a combination elective. Both candidates can register for two combined exams, whichever higher grade will be selected for the high school graduation exam.

Compared with previous years regulations, this year there is innovation, free candidates are required to ensure graduation from junior high school.

In case of failing to meet the requirements in the previous years due to poor academic performance in grade 12, registration and examination at the end of the school year at the general school in the 12th grade or the place of registration Subjects with a grade point average of less than 5.0 are guaranteed to take the grade instead of the grade point average to re-calculate the grade point average for the full academic year.

Clause 3 of Article 13 is amended and supplemented law as follows: High school transcripts or high school education transcripts.

In addition to the required documents, the following must be included in the application: Certificate of Grade 11 or Grade 12 Grade Placement Grade for students with poor academic performance.

Secondary school diploma (valid copy); Confirmation points (if any) shall be confirmed by the principal of the general school where the contestant entered last year.

Particularly for candidates who have graduated from high schools without high school or high school transcripts, they must be certified by the education and training establishments where they are studying the completion of the subjects in the culture. High school education program as regulated by the Ministry of Education.

Candidates must submit an intermediate diploma (valid copy), do not need a junior high school diploma.

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