The Management Board of Project Founding Saigon Tourism University focuses on internships, business relationships and student support.

Date: 01/02/2018

Being a multi-disciplinary training school, after more than 9 years of establishment and development, students after graduation are increasingly appreciated by enterprises for their skills and training skills. To date, the University has been one of the pioneers in establishing a solid relationship model.

School - students - business.

The school - students - business: Nowadays, with the firm relationship model, the University has close relationships with nearly 2,000 companies, enterprises stretching from the South to the North in many different fields: economics, foreign languages, arts, industrial arts, tourism, creating a solid bridge between schools and businesses in introducing students to practice and work after graduation. The school regularly sends students directly to companies and enterprises to train their professional skills and ethics, improve their creativity and self-control in their work.

Many of the conferences and practical engaging activities are beneficial to students

In 2015, the school will promote its foreign affairs through international seminars on tourism such as the International Scientific Conference on "Globalization of Tourism and Tourism Localization" organized by the School Charles de Gaulle University - Lille 3 (France) co-organizing; Workshop on "Tourism Training" organized by the University in cooperation with the National Administration of Tourism and the University of Arizona (ASU) United States.

With these successes, in October 2016 the School and Charles de Gaulle University - Lille 3 (France) will hold a second international symposium entitled " (Strategy for Investment and Development)" with the support of Unessco - United Nations, the French National Center for Scientific Research, Paris Sorbornne University

In addition, the school regularly organizes seminars such as

-       Seminars on the East Sea - sovereignty Hoang Sa, Truong Sa.

-       The ways of the school development.

-   Exchanges between students and famous speakers for "Skills for building a career and skills needed when applying for a job".

Center of listening and visiting for practices, practices and jobs

The school’s internship center organizes the center of listening and visiting for practices, practices as well as employment support for students during their studies at the school and after graduation. Students are trained at the school with a system of restaurants, hotels, conference centers, weddings, travel companies and standard practice rooms

In particular, through practice trips, the school helps student visit and study at companies, businesses in which students can directly rub with the career. Then they can understand the requirements of the recruiter to prepare for starting a business in the future. The Center regularly organizes work festival day, provides assistance, guides students to practice, and recruits them to work in enterprises to meet the needs of the society with high quality human resources.

The Management Board of Project Founding Saigon Tourism University focuses on internships, business relationships and student support.

Students of Tourism Faculty during trans-Vietnam trip

Output standards and employment opportunities

With advanced training programs, focusing on high quality with appropriate standards for integrating into ASEAN, students will be able to participate in listening and visiting for practices, practices at domestic and foreign companies, enterprises and units. The school also introduces employment when they are still at school. Graduates are able to work immediately and efficiently in the enterprise without having to undergo re-training.

Admission Forms:

Admission to Tourism, Economics, Foreign Language:

- Just graduating from high school or equivalent is eligible to consider admission and enter the formal college of tourism, economics, and foreign languages.

Admission and entrance examination to Art, Industrial Arts (Vcal music, Drama and Theater, Film Direction, Graphic Design, Fashion Design).

- Graduated from high school and 2 special subject’s competitions.

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