Study Japanese language - Opportunities for SAIGONACT students

Date: 23/04/2018

Besides English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese is also one of the languages that attracts the social attention. This is because of the fact that Vietnam is gradually establishing diplomatic relations and comprehensive partnerships with Japan in all fields.

Since 2013, the capital ODA from Japanese government has invested in Vietnam more and more increased. That leads to 100% Japanese companies are more deeply invested into the market economy of Vietnam from finance, banking to trade, manufacturing services that having Japanese "bosses". It has attracted a large number of skilled workers that study Japanese language. Therefore, Japanese language major in Vietnam has grown.

The Faculty of Foreign Languages at Saigon College of Arts, Culture and Tourism trains students in English, Korean, and Chinese. Especially in the current trend, studying Japanese language has a larger percentage of students. Every year, the school educates hundreds of Japanese language majors with a high standard of Japanese at N2, N3.

The graduates are equipped with a large amount of knowledge not only on language ability but also certain knowledge to understand about Japanese culture. Thanks to that knowledge, most students have a stable job at Japanese companies throughout the country. With the international working environment, high salary and allowances, the students of the Japanese language at Saigonact have a stable life after graduation from the college.

The Department of Foreign Languages with the motto and goal of creating a good background knowledge for students at language ability. It will be the shortest way for students to integrate and develop with diverse job opportunities. In the next 5 years, when Ho Chi Minh City has completed the upgrading of its infrastructure on the Ben Thanh - Suoi Tien metro with huge Japanese ODA, it will be a promising city. Thus, Japanese companies will invest more and more. Career opportunities from Japanese companies will be open for students and for candidates who would like to become Japanese Language students at Saigon Tourism University in the near future.

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