Students with Saigonact Got Talent 2018

Date: 09/07/2018

The competition with the purpose of searching talent students SAIGONACT 2018 "Saigonact Got Talent 2018" has more than halfway. It has 15 excellent contestants who are preparing and rehearsing for the final night and the awards. It will occur on the night of 21st, June, 2018. Through many times that were celebrsted, "Saigonact Got Talent" has gained more success and made a deep impression for all of the students.

"SAIGONACT Got Talent" is a heathly and prodcutive art playground for students. The competition is an opportunity for students to show their talents and specialties. It also helps students enhance the power of gathering students so that it can create the conditions for students to present their ability, talent and other necessary skills to improve themselves. Among the contestants contestants from foreign language, Tourism, and Economy faculties have brought competition the brilliantly artistic performances that persuadedthe judges.

The youngth, the passion and the love for music were illustrated through the fork-songs, the rythm, and this has really been shined. If the interesting fluting performance of the contestant- Seo Minh (K122NA1) brought ethnic sound that made listeners slow-down to enjoyed it. Besides that, there were many excellent performances such as the dancing performances, the covers of korean songs as “Cánh hoa tàn”, “Vì anh thương em”, “Mùa lúa duyên trăng”,  or the vivid performance of AF Band. All of them were the features of the contest, the interference between love for music with Korean culture made the competition become special and got audience admired.

"Lua mua duyen tham" - Chi Hao - Tay Ga

Which Contestants will be named for the highest positions? Which contestants will get the most votes from likes and shares? All will be revealed in the final and awards “Saigonact Got Talent 2018” on the night of 21st, June, 2018 on the fourth auditorium at the Saigon college of Arts, Culture and Tourism.

Some images semi-finals:

An AF dynamic Band

"Bống bống bang bang" – Nguyen Hoang Duc

"Hat mai khuc quan hanh ca" – Huynh Chi Khan

Dace gorups from K112DV, K122DV


Foreign Languages faculty

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