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Date: 24/01/2018

Lecture theatre will bring many positive changes to students, but no less challenges and responsibilities. The Management Board of Saigon Tourism University understands the difficulties that they encountered in learning , so all the needs of the students are interested, from a learning information, practice, jobs to social activities, entertainment,... The Management Board of Saigon Tourist University builds the comprehensive supporting programs and work to make sure students always receive timely and suitably.

1. Function:

The rector is helped in the comprehensive advice to  students; the principal is also advised in advocating, plans to support the activities of the employment, the living, learning,  scientific research, social knowledge, professional training for students.

2. Mission:

 1. Comprehensive advice for students is performed

- Being a bridge  that receives the information needed advice, when students require support or directly contact with the consultant of the units that specialize in solving for students.

- Organizational planning, implementating, monitoring, evaluating advisory activities, supporting University's students.

- Advising students on employment (during school

- Consulting about law,  student regulations, school rules;

- Career advice with the aim of helping students love, understand career that they learned;

- Health, sex, psychology advice;

- Advice on the social work, professional extracurricular activities

- The other advice.

2. Organizing and coordinating  extra-curricular activities, career guidance operations.

- Training classes, short fostering on life skills;

- Hobby clubs;

- Careers advice for students in high schools about the industry, cảeer created by the school;

- The activities of culture, art and sports;

- Activities of real sightseeing, picnics.

- Coordinating with the related unit held the consulting activities for students in the learning method, content, characteristics of the major; the professional and policy, the law of the government relevant to training branches.

- The siminars, conferences, fairs of students’jobs.

- The short term training on job skills, interviews ...;

- Some operations services for students.

3. Being  the clue, help principals in collaboration with the interprises, organs, organizations in practicing during the internship, introducing jobs for students.

- Organizing  activities through which students can be practiced.

- Coordinating organization, perform the activities associated with business to facilitate internships to practice;

Organizing activities related to part-time work, job market, exchanges, workshops, conferences related to the student's job;

- Constructing basic data related to jobs to support the graduates from  the school annually in order they  have the opportunity to search to do when you graduate.

4. Campaigning financial resources to support poor students and collective activities. Proposing  scholarships, loans to provide for students.

5. Introducing and supporting students in seeking academic materials for learning.

6.  Announcing  students’ learning outcomes.

7. Making  a preliminary summary, totalizing, reporting results to deploy the tasks of the center.

8.  Performing other duties stipulated by the school principal.

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