Saigonact’s talents shine brightly

Date: 09/07/2018

The night of the final contest "Saigonact’s Got Talent 2018” and the ceremony giving awards to the talented students took place successfully on June 21st. Fifteen contestants competed and shone brightly on Saigonact stage.

The hall was crowded and there was no room left. The atmosphere was warmed up when MC named the performances and contestants receiving the awards. The highest rank was completely worth what they tried to practice. Especially, the spirit of support, tuning for each movement, melody, each drum beat of AF Band members showed that the unity made the strength of the team. At the end of the competition, contestant Nguyen Duc of AF Band shared the joy and thanked to the organizing Committee for creating a playground to connect all students together. On behalf of the group, he thanked the audience for their encouragement, giving the belief to the team in doing the performance. The prize of the program is a turning point and a motivation for the group to practice, try to compete in more important contests.

AF Band - Gold Award in the contest

Taking part in free hairstyle donation for the finalists, Minh Quyen said: “I have participated in sponsoring many competitions for students of universities and colleges. But in the night of the Saigonact students, I recognized the students’ youth, enthusiasm and love of art exposed in each contestant's performance. I was impressed by two performances winning the prizes: Impression (belonging to contestant Nguyen Anh Van) and Creativity (contestant Nguyen Hoang Duc), the jury found out their professionalism in voice and stage management. With these two awards, I think they will definitely progress in pursuing their passion. Next time if the school organizes such competitions, I will definitely participate in hairstyle and award sponsorship for competitors

Designer Viet Hung gives The “Impression” & “Creativity”awards

“Creativity” Award - contestant Nguyen Hoang Duc

“Impression” award - contestant Nguyen Anh Van

"Saigonact Got Talent" is a healthy and useful art playground for students.  The contest is a chance for students to show their talent and strength; to improve the capacity of gathering students; to create conditions for students to express their bravery, confidence and vital skills to perfect themselves. Throughout the organization, "Saigonact’s Got Talent" has achieved many successes and left a deep impression, making a strong attraction to the students in the school.

 Student Affairs Department

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