Perceptions of Participants in the Party Sensation course

Date: 17/07/2018

With the attention of the Union of Culture, Arts and Tourism Saigon and the Management Board of Saigon Tourism University, I am very honored to be named on the list of members who are introduced by the Executive Board of the Union of Party members in order to attend the Cognitive Class of the Party in 2018.

As one of the members of the class, I have the feeling of joy, happiness, hard to say a word. Although the course lasted only two days (from Nov. 25, 2017 to Nov. 26, 2017), I was equipped with a lot of useful knowledge about the development of the Party, and understand more about revolutionary ideology of the Party.

During those two days I learned about six contents of the curriculum: general history of the Communist Party of Vietnam; Polotical program for building the country in the transitional period to socialism (supplemented and developed in 2011); Basic contents of the Statute of the Communist Party of Vietnam; Studying and following Ho Chi Minh's moral example and example; Striving to become a member of the Communist Party of Vietnam and the outline of the history of the Party provided me with basic knowledge about the Communist Party of Vietnam. While at school, I studied and learned about the Communist Party of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh's ideology and morality, but at that time I understood only as a primitive child who did not understand much about the Party, revolutionary ideal and role as well as the way the Party has gone to lead our people defeating all enemies, building the country more and more powerful and prosperous as it is today. In the course, the teachers in the Center introduced and presented the knowledge in a holistic, hands-on manner and specific way about the Communist Party of Vietnam to help us understand, to remember and to fully grasp the internal Content of the lecture easily.

Through the lessons, I have understood: To found the Communist Party of Vietnam, Uncle Ho with his hands, love of the nation, and the enthusiasm of youth overcame how much suffering and arduousness and how many hard work. But with extraordinary energy Uncle Ho was constantly learning and studying to find the way to save the country, saving the people. That is the right path for the Vietnamese revolution; and then he was happy to read the Thesis on the ethnic and colonial issues by Lenin. Here, our Uncle found the right path for the Vietnamese revolution to liberate the nation, freeing people from the oppression, colonial rule and imperialism. Through the process of formation and development, the Communist Party of Vietnam deserves to represent the spirit of resilience, indomitability, intelligent intelligence, creativity of the heroic Vietnam. Under the leadership of the Party, our country from a semi-retrograde colonial country has become an independent and developed country as it is today. Especially when the socialist countries of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe collapsed, but with the right leadership of the Party, our country has successfully and steadily reformed to build up socialism and today it has a strong foothold in the international arena. In addition, I have the opportunity to better understand the important role of studying and following Ho Chi Minh's moral example. Uncle Ho has gone far, but his moral example is an invaluable asset and an endless source of light for us to follow. At present, the development of information science plays an important role in forming the "knowledge economy" and "information society". But besides the advantages that it brings, reactionary forces, hostile forces have taken advantage of the information technology and bad examples of some party cadres regressing morally and politically Propaganda against the Party and the government. Therefore, each of us need to constantly study, train, and improve our political will, cultivating revolutionary morals to overcome the temptations and trivialities of "peaceful evolution" of the enemy.

Today, living in peacetime, I am deeply grateful to the generations of forefathers who spent so much blood and fell for national independence. Every day to live, to work is a happiness to me. Following the tradition of our forefather, I always try my best to fulfill my assigned tasks. Every day I go to work and study is everyday I learn to find technical solutions that contribute a small part to stabilizing and developing the office. I determined for myself to strive for the training of political character, moral qualities to be worthy in standing in the ranks of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

At the end of the course, getting the certificate on hand; and be mixed with the feelings of joy and happiness with the results achieved, I found myself a young unionist, new cadres. I should try with great effort to study and train more in work as well as in daily life to study and follow the moral example of Ho Chi Minh ideology, soon be seated in the ranks of the Communist Party of Vietnam in order to devote to and live following the revolutionary ideology of the Party.

Trần Thị Yến Nhi

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