Outstanding and Impressive Round of Saigonact GOT Talent 2018 of Tourism – Economy’s Students.

Date: 09/07/2018

Semifinal Examination "Student Talent Competition: Saigonact GOT Talent 2018" took place on June 6th, 2018.

In mid-May 2018, the "Student Talent Competition: Saigonact GOT Talent 2018" launched by the Student Affairs Department of BQLĐA TL, the Saigon Tourism University received a great response from the students studying at the school.

All contestants passed the preliminary round on May 29th, 2018 with a test of aptitude and self-introduction, presentation of feelings about learning environment, and student movements. With more than 80 items from the preliminary round, the jury selected 25 candidates to the semi-final held on June 6th, 2018 with the contents which contestants registered with the Organizing Committee.

The semi-final round has taken place so exciting and impressive that many contestants invested from the content to the costumes and spend time elaborately. Of the 15 excellent entries to finalists and awards will take place on June 21st, 2018 are the candidates from the Faculty of Tourism - Economics.

Judged as a repertoire that gave the judges and audiences more emotions, the song "Mẹ tôi" by contestant Nguyen Anh Van (K192QH1) expressed as a child's feelings for the mother who always work hard to grow her  child up, following every step on the road of life and always staying by whenever her child stumble. Besides, the lyric folk song "Lúa mùa duyên thắm" expressed the country's love, youthful love with the presentation of contestants Chi Hao - Tây Ga (K112QK1) has received the sympathy of the audience as they continue to reach the final round.

As one of the judges participating in the preliminary round, elite artist Mr. Huu Nghia - lecturer of the Faculty of Arts shared: "The competition is a practical and useful activity in students to enhance the development of talent. In many areas of social life, the contest will contribute to fostering knowledge, promoting the strengths, training skills, contributing orientation on student morality. In addition to the candidates from the Faculty of Arts who are more or less gifted, many candidates from the Faculty of Tourism, Economics, Foreign Languages have also brought to the jury the surprise and progress of each day as well as intelligence when the force of selection items have content that matches the criteria of the organizers.

Ms. Hai Yen, Deputy Head of the Student Affairs Department, Head of the Contest Organizing Committee said: With the desire to create art playgrounds, students will be able to show "Stuff - Talent - Shine" as the slogan of the program. In addition to the main awards announced at the beginning of the competition, the Organizing Committee will invite the sponsor to give free hair samples to contestants during the finale and award ceremony. In addition, Contest Organizing Committee will also offer award of movements to the contestants, ensuring the items in the final round will be awarded. After the competition, the Student Affairs Office will coordinate with agencies, units and enterprises as well as some universities and colleges in the area to organize cultural exchange programs, art and playgrounds, and the link between students at school and students from other schools as well as the connection between the school - students - businesses, creating relationships for job introduction for students after graduation.

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