Output standard and employment opportunities upon graduation

Date: 25/01/2018

The students of the school are trained in a modern, dynamic learning environment so after graduation they will have enough spirit, experience, job skills to operate and respond effectivelyto opportunities, challenges in the global economy,

Output Standard

Students have many opportunities to seek employment immediately after graduation, in the process of training, the Management Board of the Saigon Tourism University attaches special importance to training informatics skills, foreign language and soft skills for students  through the attendance and the the actual activity.

English, information technology – the keys open the way to success for students out of school

Today, English and information technology are the golden on which employers choose labourers. The school’s English program and Informatics are designed suitably  with the student's learning conditions, and highly updated. Implementating this program, students will have full knowledge, capacity to start confidently in internationalized environments with relative wages.

To gain output standard, students must reach the level B of English and A level of informatics. In particular, with the high quality grade, 50% of subjects in English, students are completely confident and fluent when speaking English, using expertly news media, accessing easily to work environments domestically and internationally.

Dynamic and modern learning environment

The Management Board of Saigon Tourism University gathers staff experienced management who is the top industry professionals such as: ASSOC. Dr.. Vu Tuan Canh-former Deputy General Director of the Vietnam national administration of tourism, PhD. Dr. Nguyen VănThanh -former head of tourism Department, Hanoi Open University, Dr. Tran Th Mai - former Dean of the College of tourism in Hue. The team of teachers from master and above, experienced and enthusiastic, qualified to teach specialized subjects, vocational skills in English. Students of art department are taught by famous artists such as: Duc Hai, Huu Nghia, Minh Nhi, Thanh Su….

The Management Board of Saigon Tourism University has top – ranking infrastructure and material facilities, one of private schools. The school has classrooms, library, practical basis (hotel, restaurant, kitchen, bar, theatre, vocal rehearsal room, instruments, machine room…..) modern equipments, air conditioners, wifi…. The library is put on-line with big national and international universities. Perfect conditions of learning help students develop completely into knowledge, confident skill to contribute their effort to economic – social development in order to enrich the country.

Output standards and job opportunities after graduation

With the traning program of Vietnam tourism standard VTOS, over 90% of students of tourism branch have found jobs that are appropriate for their training major. Particularly, 100% of students of ASEAN Economic Community and internation.

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