Opportunity to study and work abroad.

Date: 01/02/2018

In the trend of integration, young people are eager to study at prestigious universities in the world such as England, France, Korea, America, Singapore ... to find a chance to work abroad. or foreign businesses in Vietnam.

Opportunity to study and work abroad.

There are many ways to study, but it is not easy for everyone. The first barrier with the majority of people is the economic conditions, desire to pursue this dream they have to spend a lot of money! Studying in Vietnam with an international program, reasonable tuition fees, ideal study conditions is a top priority in the selection of many candidates and parents.

International cooperation and study abroad with attractive scholarships

Every year, the Management Board of Saigon Tourism University receives many full, half scholarships from foreign universities, especially universities in Korea and Japan, Europe for students studying abroad.

Within the framework of joint programs, international cooperation, the University has signed many cooperation documents with many prestigious universities abroad. Lecturers and students have access to the educational environment of countries through academic cooperation programs, exchange of lecturers and students. Students have favorable conditions to study and work abroad. After graduation, students can work abroad or return home to work in corporations, joint ventures, or foreign companies in Vietnam.

Opportunities  for students to work in Vietnam and other countries

With the advanced training program, focusing on high quality with the standard of output matching ASEAN 2015, in the process of study, students are participated in listening and visiting in domestic and foreign companies, enterprises, which the school introduces its graduates who are able to work immediately and efficiently in the enterprise without having to undergo re-training. In addition, students of the University have the ability to work in foreign companies in Vietnam, in the ASEAN and international economic community.

Study abroad, work in international environment: foreign language, professional skills

In the process of studying at the school, students are more interested in learning foreign languages, especially specialized subjects in English. “B English Certificate” is output standad for students. So after graduation, students have all necessary elements to meet the demand of manpower  for society.

In addition, the school has introduced skills training into the curriculum,  after each course, students will be granted vocational certificate. The program focuses on skills development, adaptive and creative skills. Throughout the course, students are assured of the skills they need to acquire, while being more aware of the importance of vocational skills and self-defense skills throughout the journey later.

The MBF of the Saigon Tourism University prepares conditions for students to study abroad and work in the international environment.

To meet the demand of high quality manpower, the University has prepared the conditions for students to study and work in the international environment: the program is diversified, standardized, ensured professional skills ... Therefore, during the course of study, students can easily approach the learning environment quickly and effectively.

Overseas college graduates confidently integrate into their jobs with a paycheck.

Admission Form:

Admission to Tourism, Economics, Foreign Language:

Condition: Just graduated from high school or equivalent you qualify for admission to the regular college of Tourism, Economics, Foreign Language

Admission and entrance examination to Art, Industrial Arts (vocal music, Drama and Theater, Film Direction, Graphic Design, Fashion Design).

Condition: Graduated from high school and one skill test

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