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Date: 05/08/2017

Developing Saigon College of Arts, Culture and Tourism (SAIGONACT) into a training establishment..

MISSION: To become a center for training, scientific research, application and international cooperation in the tourism field and related fields. To train human resources with deep knowledge, and competence to meet the career requirements in the integration and globalization periods. To create a flexible learning environment, research and creativity in accordance with national and international standards in order to promote ability in applied research, and to contribute to the society through the development of the knowledge economy.


-   To become a leading university in Vietnam in the tourism training and research.

 -  To become one of the 200 top Universities of Tourism in Asia in 2027

 -  To become one of the 200 top Universities of Tourism in Asia in 2037



- Humanity is the root of the human being, and all the managers, staff, teaching staff and students are always expected to attach importance to their personality improvement in order to become ethical citizens not only with strong national traditions but also with ability to acquire the quintessence of humanity.

- Community is considered as an operational orientation of the school. It does not run its training for profit, therefore it will not intend to divide their income but will accumulate everything into investment. The benefits of society is interested and the contribution for society is considered as a compulsory task.

-  Internationality is the goal of the school. In the age of the integration and globalization, school activities must be global in order to train moral, competent and knowledgeable students who are willing to devote not only to the country but also to the region and the world. The Internationalization of training and internationalization of all school activities is a task that governs the whole activities.


 - Building the human values of the nation and mankind.

 - Priority for community benefits

 - Internationalization orientation

- Respecting for differences and counter argument in diversity


-  Building human values

-  Heading towards community benefits

-  Internationalization of training

-  Bringing into play nation’s traditions of culture and arts

 - Democratizing in the management

- Assessing and rewarding based on the capacity

 - Respecting for the learners

Cao Thang - Rector office

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