Introduction to Youth Union

Date: 30/03/2018

Youth Union of Project Management Board of the Saigon Tourism University is a reliable standby team of its Communist Party cell.

I. Function

Youth Union is an organization under the direct leadership of Communist Party cell, including members who voluntarily strive to fulfill the ideal objectives of the Party, and who are young communist trade unionists, and important supplementary sources to ensure the strong development of Party.

Youth Union is a mass organization closest to the Communist Party - the Party allows the Communist Youth Union organization to represent an official communist party member when introducing the excellent youth unionist to be admitted to the Communist Party organization.

Youth Union always propagandizes and educates the youth to better understand the nature of the Communist Party, contributes critical and active ideas,  participates in the campaign to build a clean and strong Party in the spirit of the Central Resolution and actively respond, study, research, well implement the campaign "Enhancing the study of Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality, and lifestyle ".

Youth Union has a revolutionary assault unit of the Party, leading in all difficulties in all fields of economics, politics, culture and society as Uncle Ho has affirmed:“ Youth is ready to do when needed, and ready to do any hard works"

-         Youth Union is the socialist school of Vietnam Youth.

Socialist ideology is thoroughly understood in youth work in general and in the mission of Youth Union in particular. The effectiveness of human education is considered by the Youth Union as a measure of the ability to express the position and role of the Youth and Youth Union in society.

To create an educational, training and orientation environment for youths of the Party and Ho Chi Minh ideals. With this function, its Youth Union approves different modes of operation, with different types of education to unite youth education.

           Resolution of the Central Party Committee pointed out that "training, educating, cultivating and creating good condition for all young people to strive and to form a new generation with good ideal, sense of responsibility, the knowledge, good health and good work, and with culture in the  life, patriotism and genuine international spirit ... ".

    An important contribution in orienting the socialist values for youth.

- Youth Union takes care and protects the legitimate interests of youth.

II. Mission of Youth Union

1. Showing solidarity, broadly gathering the youth classes, well performing the core role, having political orientation in building the organization of the Youth Union, the Association of Vietnamese students ... to bring the youth into  the organization of the Association and the Union and to  jointly strive for building Vietnam to become an independent, democratic, prosperous, and equal country and civilized society in the orientation of socialist.

2. Creating close relationships with the masses of youth in particular and with the masses in general. V.I Lenin has given us: "Do not forget that the power of a revolutionary organization is in the number of its connections."

3. Socialist ideal education for youth union members and youth through movements. The content of education is very rich, including:

-  Political ideological education.

-  Marxist-Leninist Education, Ho Chi Minh Thought.

-  Legal education, lifestyle, way of life.

-   Education on promoting and preserving national cultural identity.

-   Education of traditional revolution.

- Closely coordinating the principle of education: Study along with practice, theory associated with practice.

4. Participating in building Party, defending Party, and considering the task of building the Party is an inevitable one in building the youth Union organization, in the other hand, its Youth Union must be a loyal army, succession of the Part, carries the flag and the ideals of the Party to the final destination, and brings the Party's Resolution and Party's direction into life.

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