Introduction to Trade Union

Date: 30/03/2018

Under the leadership of the Communist Party cell of Saigonact, Trade Union of the Saigonact organized and mobilized all staffs and lecturers to perform well their political tasks, pioneer in the process of renewal, industrialization and modernization, represent and protect the legitimate and legitimate interests of laborers, and build a strong school with great development.


Trade Union of the Saigonact is a large socio-political organization of the working class and the laborers, voluntarily established under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

Representing and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of employees, providing material and spiritual life for the laborers in coordination with the local authorities and the heads of the agencies.

Representing and organizing employees to participate in the management of the relevant institutions, organizing emulation movements, constantly improving the political and professional quality for staff of school.

Inspecting and supervising the implementation of law policies and working regulations.

Developing new trade union members, building a strong trade union, mobilizing all laborers to implement new cultural lifestyle, population policy – family planning movement.


Strengthening the emulation movement of two good things and the campaign "Democracy - Rules- Love - Responsibility", " Enhancing the study of Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality, and lifestyle”, striving to attempt the campaign "Each teacher is an example of Morality, SELF STUDY, & CREATIVENESS " performs the important missions of higher education:" Say no to substandard training and not meeting the needs of society. "

Fully implementin the functions of the Trade Union in professional work, managements, relevant activities to give its mind to improving the laborers’ living condition and to protect legitimate interests of union members and laborers.

Renovating and intensifying activities with a view to propagandize ideological and political education.

Promoting the learning movement, cultivating and improving the professional skills for  staff and lecturers.

Building a strong local trade union.

Actively participating in building Communist Party organization and Communist Party development.

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