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Date: 30/03/2018

FUNCTIONS AND DUTIES: Showing the solidarity, encouraging and supporting members and students in studying and practicing, fulfilling the tasks of students with the purpose of contributing to build a strong schools. Educating ideals, moral tradition, lifestyle and legal awareness for members and students. Reflecting the needs and aspirations of students; Participating in proposing guidelines and policies related to students. Organizing practical activities to take care of material and spiritual life and protect legitimate and legitimate interests of members, students and the Association. Showing the solidarity and developing cooperative and friendly relations with students and advanced youths organizations and people of all countries in the world for peace, national independence, democracy and social advancement


- Artistic performance club

- Social work club

- English club

- Tour Guide Club

- The MC's Club

- Martial arts club

- Events Club

- Sport Club


Program 1: Strengthening ideological and political education, raising the sense of responsibility of citizens and building all students with steadily political skill and spirit.

All levels of the Association should enhance the propaganda of political ideology for students to raise awareness, and strengthen students' confidence in the leadership of the Party, the independent way associated with the socialist, and to strive to finish the term of building a group of students of Saigonact with strong political stuff and sense of responsibility of citizens for the policies of the Party and the State.

Continuing to deepen the campaign " Enhancing the study of Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality, and lifestyle”. Implement more specific and practical activities to help all students become deeply aware of the fundamental content and great value of Ho Chi Minh's thought and morals.

Program 2: Supporting students to study and research, effectively participate in the process of  improving the training quality of the school.

Associations directly participate in the process of improving the training quality in accordance with the policy of the Party Committee, School Management Board or indirectly proposed mechanisms and policies ... to support students in learning activities and scientific research.

Build up a strong sense of learning and scientific research in the majority of members, shaping and diversifying activities with a view of supporting students to improve their professional knowledge, and building a learning environment and healthy competition.

Program 3: Improving the quality of student life

The Student Union should organize cultural, artistic and sports activities to create useful playgrounds with the purpose of  meeting the needs of healthy recreation, the need of improving health for study and assuring spiritual life of students better and better. At the same time,  Student Union should intensify the organization of activities to reinforce important qualities and skills.

At all levels of Unions must pay attention to monitor its members and students, to understand the situation of each member and students and to take timely measures.

Program 4: Creativity, enthusiastism in the participation of community volunteer activities

Student Union develops in both size and quality for social and voluntary activities of students.  Student Union should consider it as an important measure to train, test and improve the capacity of social and practical activities for students; Helping young intellectuals have a comprehensive and sympathetic view to share with the community.

Strengthening the student volunteer movement in the orientation of  exploiting their professional strengths and intellectual potential to solve practical problems in the the relevant area.

Program 5: Raise the sense of initiative of unions enhancing the capacity of their management staff; devolving clearly and having

Strengthening Union organization throughout the school with strong and mutual agreement; devolving clearly and having a strict democratic management mechanism to ensure the successful implementation of all tasks.

       Striving to build conditions for local Unions to be more active in all activities, to speed up groups of students to work in depth and to avoid spontaneous actions under the leadership of the Students Union of Schools in order to come to a model organization with many relevant local union branch.

Completing the Inter-union branches, coordinating among the Inter-union branches to promote the activities of each inter union branch as well as the activities of the school.

      Building up a strong, energetic, enthusiastic and responsible team of Union managers with strong sense of responsibility, always paying attention to the training of the adjacent team. All levels of Unions must actively participate in building the organization of the Union, along with participation in developing the young communist Party members.

Program 6: Strengthening external activities, exchanges and cooperations between the Students' Union and other organizations inside and outside the school.

Strengthening exchanges with others organizations and other unions inside and outside of Saigonact, thereby enhancing the prestige of the Union and at the same time learning from the experience of other unions in order to effectively implement the mission of Union. Expanding relationships with progressive youth and student organizations all over the world to introduce the Students' Union to international friends, and to provide opportunities for members and students to have more opportunities to meet and contact friends from other cultures.

Strengthening cooperation with social organizations and enterprises to create useful playgrounds, real environment for members and students to participate in activities; contributing to improve the training quality of the Saigonact, and at the same time, taking full advantage of legal aid for its activities, its members and students, as well as providing students with more information and job opportunities.

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