Date: 23/01/2018

With the feature that will be the first university of Vietnam operatingfor non-profit. When it is officially founded, Saigon Tourist University will become a university offering a variety oftraining programs, providing high quality human resources in the different fields such as Economics, Tourism, Foreign Languages, Arts, Press, Information Technology, Aesthetic and Health; Of all the majors, Tourism will be the key one.

Diverse training programs

 In the academic year 2017-2018, The Foundation Management Board (TFMB) of Sai Gon University of Tourist still enrolls college training programs with the following fields: Tourism Services and TourManagement, Hotel Management, Travel Management, Tour guiding, Accounting, , Banking and Finance, Accounting for Business, Business Administration, Office Secretary, Publication, Computer Network Administration, Applied Computer Science, Japanese Language, Korean Language, English Language, Chinese Language, Stage Director, Dramatist - cinematographer, Cameraman, Vocalist, Fashion Design, Fashion Design and Graphic Design. In particular, the tourism is the spearhead industry of the University in training and offering human resources for the society’s needs. In the training programs will be divided into two directions:

 - High quality bilingual education in District 1 and District 3.

 -  Regular full time education in Go Vap District and District 12.

Qualified andprofessional management staff

TFMBof Sai Gon University of Tourism has attracted experienced management staff that are experts such as Assoc. Prof. Vu Tuan Canh; Assoc. Prof Nguyen Van Thanh; Dr. Nguyen Phuoc Hien, Dr. Pham Thi Xuan Tho; Associate Professor, People’s Teacher Vu Huong; Meritorious Artist, Musician, Television Director Xuan Dong; Master, Director, Meritorious Artist Le Dai Chuc; Master,Meritorious Artist Tran Duc Hai; Master, Choreographer Dang Hung; Fashion designer Nguyen Viet Hung; Director, Meritorious Artist Do Phuong Toan (Doan Quoc); Artist- Actor  Ngoc Tuong, Le Hay, Huu Nghia; Dr. Le Thi Thanh; Dr. Ha Le; Assoc. Prof. Phung Quy Nham; Dr. Kieu Thi Van Anh; Dr.Ngo Thi Thuc; Dr. Nguyen Danh Nga; Dr. Nguyen Danh Thuan , etc. In addition, the lecturers have achieved a master's degree or higher with the capacity of teaching vocational skills.

The curriculum closely follows the reality, assisting students to improve their vocational skills.

 Students study in the standardized conditions, all classrooms are equipped with air-conditioners, projectors, high-speed internet access, and standardized languageclassrooms. Students have opportunities to practice their skills at the restaurant, hotel, travel agency, film Company, wedding conference center and functional practice rooms during their semesters and take the internship at famous units.

          With the curriculum of 2/3 of the program is practical, do the internship at the enterprises that help students improve their skills, abilities and soft skills to integrate into environmental multi-field, multi-culture.

High quality bilingual education at TFMB of Saigon University.

 In the school year 2017- 2018, the Saigon University of Tourist, in addition to educating full-time college programs, will offering high quality bilingual training for all occupations, of all those, tourism is mainly focused and developed by the university. High quality bilingual students are taught the skills of foreign languages, professional skills and soft skills at a higher level.

Students learn a number of major subjects in English to ensure their professional English skills so that they can attend the training courses at companies, foreign corporations. Furthermore, students can practice soft skills in groups or independently when participating in the training to help them contact with theory and practice.

The attractive feature of this international program is that even though students have a low level of foreign language, after finishing this program, they are still ensured to graduate at the level offoreign language of 5.0 IELTS or equivalent for university education.

 Cao Thang – HTO

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