International Standardized Education of TFMB of Saigon Tourist University

Date: 24/01/2018

In order to enhance the quality educationand in respond to thedemand for accessing international education standards for all current students, in 2017, TFMB of Saigon Tourist Universitypromoted the fundamental and comprehensive training andeducation reform to meet the needs of industrialization and modernization in the socialist - oriented market economy conditionand international integration.

International Standardized Education of TFMB of Saigon Tourist University

International Standardized Education of TFMB of Saigon Tourist University

1.            Modern teaching method, international standard education.

Being consistent with the objective of international standard training quality, in the process of integration, establishment and development,TFMB of Saigon Tourist Universityhas been constantly renovated to become one of the prestigious training institutions, providing high quality human resources with intellectual and professional "products" to meet the requirement of the developing society.

In the process of studying, students are strengthened in foreign language training, especially the introduction of the curriculum in English for major subjects. The international education focuses on the high quality with appropriate outcome standards for students to integrate into the ASEAN economic community.

2.            Educational cooperartion with lots of universities around the world.

The university expands its foreign affairs, scientific research and international cooperation. Every year, TFMB of Saigon Tourist Universityregularly organizes international conferences and enhances the import of some training programs fromprestigious universities in the world. To renovate and enhance the quality of teaching, aiming to reach the European and American standards.

Furthermore, within the framework of cooperative programs, TFMB of Saigon Tourist Universityhas signed various cooperation contracts with different reputable international universities.

3.            A dynamic, professional studying environment.

 With the orientation of introducing international education standards into Vietnam, TFMB of Saigon Tourist Universityhas applied the modern designed programs with the advanced training technology from the top universities in the world.

Implementing the principle that students are considered as the center of education, TFMB of Saigon Tourist University has applied the discovery method to create motivation and help students maximize their creativity in learning foreign languages, professional skills and soft skills at high level. Especially, the Tourism industry and foreign language at the university are trained following ASEAN standards.

4.            Employment opportunities after graduation.

TFMB of Saigon Tourist University is really interested in building practicalfacilities for each academic affair. With the educational program of Vietnam Tourism VTOS, more than 90% of tourism-major studentshave found the appropriate jobs after graduation; especially, 100% students in classes from the ASEAN and international economic community.

 Nguyen Huong - HTO

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