Date: 24/01/2018

Today, most students are expected to experience the advanced environmental education of well-knownuniversities in the world such as in England,France, Australia, Japan, Korea, USA, Singapore, etc in order to find the best opportunity for their future. Studying abroad is not an easy decision for many students, so pursuing this dream in Vietnam by choosing a high quality bilingual education with reasonable school feesin ideal study conditions is the priority choice of many candidates and parents.

International cooperation and study abroad with attractive scholarships

Every year, TFMB of Saigon Tourist University is offered dozens of full and half titution scholarships for students to study abroad; especially scholarships from universities in Korea, Japan, Europe, USA, etc.

In addition, within the framework of joint programs, TFMB of Saigon Tourist University has signed the cooperation contracts with many world- renowned universities. Lecturers and students have accessed to the environmental education of other countries through 2 + 2, 3 + 1 training programs. With these programs, students can easily work in foreign countries and foreign institutions in Vietnam.


TFMB of Saigon Tourist University (SAIGONTU) and Lille 3 University (France) signed the agreement for educational cooperation and the memorandum of understanding to hold the international scientific conference.

High quality bilingual training focuses on foreign languages, internships and employment.

With the international training program attaches to the high quality with appropriate outcome standards to integrate into the ASEAN economic community; in particular , the standard of English is  4.5 IELTS or equivalent (for college) and 5.0 IELTS or equivalent (for university) and a commitment to ensure language standards for students at all levels; In addition, students are allowed to participate in internships and short-term internship trips at companies, enterprises, high-level business that are suitablefor their professions. After graduation, students can work immediately and effectively at reputable enterprises without having to be re-train and assure their qualifications and skills to work in foreign companies in Vietnam, in the ASEAN and international economic community.

Studying abroad condition, working in international environment: foreign language, professional skills

During the studying process, students are strengthened in foreign language training, especially the introduction of the curriculum in English in major subjects. Therefore, students after graduation will possess all factors in respond to the high quality human resources demand for society.

In addition, the TFMB of Saigon University has offered vocational training programs with high-level certificates into students' academic programs. After each course, students will be awarded a vocational certificate. The program focuses on developing professional, adaptive and creative skills. Throughout the course, students acquire the essential skills and be more aware of the importance of vocational skills in future jobs.

SAIGONTU prepares conditions for students to study abroad and work in the international environment

 In response to the needs of high quality human resources, TFMB of Saigon University will recruit high quality bilingual classes at the college level alongside the regular programs so that students can have  conditions to work in the international environment after graduation; The study program is diversified, meets the standards, ensures professional skills, etc. Consequently, during study process, students easily approach the international learning environment quickly and effectively. Graduates are expected to earn high salaries as they work overseas.

 Cao Thang – HTO

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