Boards of Management

Date: 20/01/2018

Boards of Management

Board of Directors:

- President: Dr.Vu Khac Chuong

- Members of Boards of Directors: + BA.Vo Ha ,+BA.Vo Hai, + MA.Vo Long Trieu ,

+ MA.Nguyen Kim Loan,+BA.Nguyen Thi Vien,+ BA.Tran Thi Tuyet Hoa

1. Advisory Board, School Management Board:

 1.1.Advisory board:

 - Prof.Dr.Nguyen Van Hanh

- Prof.Dr.Vu Tuan Canh

 - Prof.Dr.Nguyen The Huu

- Prof.Dr.Hoang Tam Son

- Dr.Le Don Hop

 1.2. School Management Board

 - Rector: Dr.Vu Khac Chuong

- Deputy  Rectors:

+ Dr.Le Thi Thanh

+ MA.Meritorous Artist Tran Duc Hai

+ MA.Nguyen Kim Loan

 - Email:

 2.  Science Committee

- Chairman: Dr. Vu Khac Chuong

Vice Chairman: Prof.Dr.Nguyen Van Hanh

Members of Science committee:

 + Prof.Dr.Hoang Tam Son

+ Dr.Le Doan Hop

 + Dr.Le Thi Thanh

+ Dr.Nguyen Phuoc Hien

+ Dr.Pham Thi Xuan Tho

+ Dr.Meritious Artist.Tran Duc Hai

+ MA.Nguyen Kim Loan

+ MA.Đo Thi Thanh Phuong

+ BA.Vo Ha

+ BA.Nguyen Thi Vien

 + BA.Nguyen Van Loi

+ BA.Nguyen Ba Nga

+ BA.Nguyen Cao Thang

3. Union Organization

3.1. Party Committee:

- Secretary: Dr.Vu Khac Chuong

- Deputy Secretary: BA.Nguyen Thi Vien

 3.2. Trade Union Executive Committee

 - Chairman: BA.Vo Ha

- The Members:

+ MA .Nguyen Kim Loan (Head of Feminine occupation Committee)

+ BA.Nguyen Thi Vien (Head of Inspectation Committee)

+ BA.Vo Hai

+ Secretary: BA.Huynh Van Khoa

3.3. Youth Union Executive Committee

Vice chairman: BA.Nguyen Cao Thang

4.  Departments, Faculties, Centers:

4.1. Rector Office

- Assistant: Dr. Le Thi Thuy Hang


 4.2. Organization and Administration Department

- General Manager: MA.Nguyen Kim Loan 


 4.3. Training and Educational Testing Department

 - General Manager: Dr.Vu Khac Chuong 


4.4. Financial Planning Department

 - Deputy General Manager

 + MA.Do Thi Thanh Phuong

 + BA.Nguyen Van Loi

-  Cashier: BA.Vo Hai


 4.5. Students Affairs Department:

-  Deputy General Manager:  BA. Dinh Thi Hai Yen

4.6. Administration Department:

 -   Deputy General Manager: BA.Nguyen Van Loi

 – Assistant: BA.Huynh Van Khoa


4.7. Information Technology Department:

- Deputy General Manager: BA.Nguyen Ba Nga


4.8. Inspectorate Department:

 - Assistant: BA.Pham Thi Thach Thao


 4.9. Internship Center

- Manager: Dr.Vu Khac Chuong


4.10 Admission Center

- Director: Dr. Vu Khac Chuong


4.11. Communication and Marketing Center

- ManagerDr.Vu Khac Chuong


4.12. Learning Resources Center

 - Deputy Director: Dr. Vu Khac Chuong


 4.13. Foreign Languages – Informatics Center

 - Director: Dr. Le Thi Thanh

-  Email:

4.14. Quality Assurance Center

- Director: MA.Nguyen Kim Loan


4.15. Chain of Restaurant, Hotel, Travel Company and Wedding Center

- Manager: MA. Do Thi Thanh Phuong


4.16. Faculty of Tourism and Economics

Dean: Dr. Nguyen Thi Kim Lien

Vice dean: MA. Mai Duc Sang




4.17. Foreign Languages Faculty

 - Dean: Dr. Le Thi Thanh

- Assistant: MA.Tran Thi Yen Nhi


 4.18. Faculty of Arts

- Dean: MA. Meritious Artist.Tran Duc Hai

- Assistant: BA.Ngo Thi Ngoc Thuan

- Email:

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