Announcement of the 2018 scholarship policy

Date: 02/02/2018

To support and promote the foundation of knowledge, skills and personality for students in order to actively contribute to the development of Vietnamese education

Annual scholarship program of the Project Management Board of the Saigon Tourism University with many scholarships are meant to encourage and create opportunities for them to develop in the international learning environment, at the Saigon Tourism University. Scholarships are as follows:

Announcement of the 2018 scholarship policy

1. International integration scholarships: New students with high entry points

- 350 points are exempted from tuition fee for one semester

- 500 points or more are exempted from tuition fee for 2 semesters

2. Talent Development Scholarships:

- New students who won the contest of Literature and Talent awards from the provincial level or over (2017 - 2018are exempted from tuition fees.

3. “Chap canh uoc mo” Scholaships:

- The scholarship is for 2 semesters when new students with disabilities or with disabled parents and newcomers who are disadvantaged and who have good grades and a grade average point of 8.5. or above.

 - New students with disabilities or parents with disabilities are exempted from tuition fees for 2 semesters.

- Newcomers who have difficulties, achieving high academic marks (Excellent students and gaining average grade point of 8.5 or more.

4. Family Scholarships:

- Family scholarships: free for 2 semesters when new students have parents or siblings who are staff, lecturers at the school. Free tuition for half semester when new students have siblings attending school.

- New students with siblings (students) who are enrolled in the school will be exempted from tuition fees of half semester.

 5. Friendships Scholarship:

- New students who have permanent residence registration in the vicinity of the school: District 12, Go Vap, Tan Binh, Hoc Mon and Cu Chi districts when enrolled in  the Saigon Tourism University will be exempted tuition fees for half semester.

Note: If any students have many scholarships, he/she will receive the highest scholarship.

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