Academic Team

Date: 20/01/2018

Academic Team

Training quality depends on many factors, in which the human factor plays a decisive role. Therefore, the Project Management Board of Saigon Tourism University always pays the great attention to training and developing the Managing staff and lecturers.

Up to now, the Project Management Board of Saigon Tourism University has gathered together 169 experienced lecturers who are famous in the fields of Culture, Arts, Tourism, Economics ...; and who are the leading experts with professional teaching ability and high academic degrees, among them there are 22 Prof.Assoc. Prof., PhD/ Doctor, 96 Masters and 51 BA/NSc, including:

- Head of Tourism Major is Assoc. Prof. Vu Tuan Canh, Former Deputy General Director of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, Prof.Dr. Nguyen Van Thanh, Former Head of Tourism Department, Hanoi Open University, Dr. Nguyen PhuocHien Dean of Faculty of Tourism, Dr. Pham ThiXuanTho, Deputy Dean of Faculty of Tourism.

 - Head of Arts Major is Assoc. Prof. People’s artist Nguyen Huong, Former Vice Director of Hanoi National Music Academy;  MA. Meritorious artist Tran DucHaiVice Rector and Head of Faculty of Arts; MA. Stage Director, Meritorious Artist Le Dai Chuc, Former Vice President of Vietnam Drama Artist Association; MA. Choreographer, People's Artist Dang Hung; Fashion designer Nguyen Viet Hung; Stage Director, Meritotious artist Do Phuong Toan (Doan Quoc) and others are famous artists in the arts such as actor HuuNghia, actor Ngoc Tuong, actress Le Hay ....

- Head of Foreign languages Major is Assoc.Prof. Dr. Tran QuyNham; Dr. Le ThiThanh- Vice Rector and Dean of Faculty of Foreign Languages, Dr. Ha Le and Dr. KieuThi Van Anh.

- Head of Economics Major is Dr.NgThiThiThuc, Dr. Nguyen DanhNga, Dr. Nguyen DanhThuan ....

Besides, our 70% of teaching staff have a postgraduate degree, have a great professional skills, have English proficiency and can teach English in accordance with the 2017-2015 schedule of 70% and 100% in the period from 2019 to 2020.

It is expected that the Project Management Board of Saigon University will continue to develop the teaching staff in the following stages:

-         The stage from 2018 to 2025 is expected to increase the number of lecturers to 202, of which 25 are professors, associate professors and doctors; 125 masters; 52 graduates

-         The stage from  2025 to 2030 is expected to increase the number of lecturers to 337, of which 42 are professors, associate professors and doctors; 235 masters; 60 graduates

With a view to developing and building the academic team as mentioned above, the Saigon Tourism University right after established will be a fat and fertile land that will be able to cultivate and bring up talents about Arts, Culture and Tourism for the country in the present as well as in the future like its spirit, its characters and its noble ideals: "HUMANITY - COMMUNITY - INTERNATIONALITY".

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