10 reasons to choose The Saigon College of Arts, Culture and Tourism

Date: 30/01/2018

The Saigon Tourism University is established with characteristics that will be Vietnam's first University oriented non benefit. Being the first Tourism University of Vietnam, the school will contribute the importance to the development of tourism in the city and the country; it will follow Tourism Universities on the world to train specialities that Vietnam has not had yet, and associate with American and European’s tourism training programs.

1.   The prestige and diversity Universityof training industry

Being the first Tourism University of Vietnam oriented non-benefit, multidisciplinary training University and also Vietnam's leading University in the field of training and studying tourism.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT BOARD (PMB) of Saigon Tourism University attaches special importance to enroll students into economics, tourism, foreign languages, art, journalism, technology, health and beauty. The training group will be divided in 2 directions:

-         Bilingual high quality training programs which students study  in District 1 and 3.

-         Regular program training school which students study  in Go Vap and District 12.

Students learn some specific subjects in English, make sure the professional English to participate in training at companies, foreign corporations. In addition, there are the soft skills practice according to independence when participating in training, helping students to be in contact with theory and reality. Attractions of this international program is though students with low input language, then after school time in program, they are sure to have output language with the IELTS 4.5 or equivalent levels.

The quality training of the school has always been the experts, the domestic and foreign employers appreciate through capacity of graduates, working at the domestic and abroad agencies. Faculty of tourism provides the most human resources for hotels, restaurants, travel companies .... in Ho Chi Minh city and the provinces.

2. Low school fees and no changes in the process of learning

Compared with the non-public universities, the school fees of the Saigon Tourism University is always considered the fittest and lowest. Although the school invested a lot for the infrastructure and technical base but still undertake not to change the course fee during the learning process. In addition to the government’s priority policy like other public schools every year, Saigon Tourism University offers priority policy for good, poor students who overcome the difficulties, students in Islands – who are gifted and  have prize, the national level, provincial level.. ...

3. Possessing modern 200 classrooms, 40 praticing rooms

Project Management Board of the Saigon Tourist University has 6.1 ha m2,  and built this school on an area of over 40,000 m2. The school has 2 great halls containing of thousands/each.  They are used to organize conferences, thematic program, arts performances, films and other activities for staff, and students.

More than 200 classrooms, 40 practice rooms; all rooms are equipped with 100% air conditioning, full of audio equipment, lighting ... Besides, there are recreation room, fitness area, swimming pool right in the campus for students to have fun, relax after school ... This can be considered good conditions, facilities that are convenient for teachers and students’ activites uncommonly in the external universities.

4. Dormitory with air conditioning, full of activities

The campus is built with the motto: order, civilization, efficiency, safety, durable, long-term. The criterion of the dormitory is "to create the best conditions for meals, accommodation, activities and study for students, boarding students" ... contributing to the good performance of training objectives and tasks.

More than 1000 beds, rooms are equipped with full facilities, including air conditioning, wifi, self-study room with computer network and electronic library, entertainment room with television ... with catering services: canteen, cafeteria, café, elevator, laundry room (serving cheap for students).

The policy of the Project Management Board of the Saigon Tourism University is through the work of caring for the need of accommodation, activities for students in order to train them as neat and disciplinable persons. In the same time, they will be helped  with communication skills, cultural behaviors to improve their personality ... Each boarding student upon graduation will be added to the intelligentsia in order to become useful citizens for society. .

5. Lecturers with high academic title, diploma dedicate to the profession

Our teaching staff consists of professors, doctors, masters, folk artists, elite artists ... who have been trained  in foreign countries and in the nation. They  have many years of experience and devotion to the profession. The school is co-operating with professors and lecturers from foreign countries in the fields of culture and art, industrial arts, foreign languages, economics and tourism with high professional level.

6. Development of foreign affairs, scientific research and international cooperation

PMB of the Saigon Tourism University has been participating in organization and co-organized seminars of national and international caliber for many years such as:

- Human Resource Development Seminar: Co-organized with Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Department in 2009

- Seminar on the development of cooperative relations between Vietnam and Korea: co-organized with the University of Social Sciences and Humanities of Ho Chi Minh City and the Consulate of Korea in 2012.

- Mekong Delta Tourism Human Resource Development Seminar in An Giang: Co-organized with the Tourism Department and the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of An Giang in 2012.

- International Conference on Tourism Globalization and Tourism Localization: Co-organized with Charles de Gaulle University - Lille 3 (France) March 2015.

- ASEAN-oriented training workshop: co-organized with the Department of Education and Training ,and Education Newspaper in February 2016

- Workshop on improving the quality of human resource training, culture, sports and tourism in line with national and regional standards: co-organized the General Department of Tourism in July 2016.

- International Scientific Worshop on Modern Tourism: Co-organized with Charles de Gaulle University - Lille 3 (France) in October 2016.

- Especially, in October, 1917, in collaboration with the University of San Francisco (USA), Charles de Gaulle University - Lille 3 (France) and Ohlone College (USA), the school  held an international scientific conference "MEKONG - a river that connects culture, tourism and economy".

The cooperation with foreign universities in the past years has brought many opportunities for scholarships to study full-time and part-time for teaching staff and students of many disciplines.

7. Students have the opportunity to study in English, Japanese, Korean.

Every year, PMB of the Saigon Tourism University is offered scholarships for students who have outstanding achievements in learning by South Korea, Japan, Britain, France universities.

8. Students receive many scholarships upon entering school

From 2017 to 2018, the PMB of the Saigon Tourism University offers 5 types of scholarships to students:

- International Integration Scholarships: free tuition for  2 semesters when new students reach entrance’s 500 TOEIC points. Free-tuition for  one semester for new students reaching entrance’s 350 points.

- Talent Development Scholarships: Two semesters of tuition are exempt when new students win Literature and Talent awards from the provincial level or over.

- The scholarship is for 2 semesters when new students with disabilities or with disabled parents and newcomers who are disadvantaged and who have good grades and have a grade point average of 8.5. or above.

- Family scholarships: free of 2 semesters when new students have parents or siblings who are staff, lecturers. Free tuition for half semester when new students have siblings attending school.

Fellowship scholarships: Free tuition for half semester when new students have permanent residence in the neighborhood of District 12, Go Vap, Tan Binh, Hoc Mon and Cu Chi districts.

9. Practice and work in the system of restaurants, hotels, companies of the school.

The Sai Gon Tourism University is very interested in building practical facilities for students in each discipline, functional rooms where students practice and improve professional skills. Each training sector has its own practice room. Students of Faculty of Arts are practicing at the stage, piano room, organ room, music training room, studio ...

The cutting room is equipped with state-of-the-art machines, just like in an industrial workshop that meets the practical needs of creative students.

A full range of tools for students in Graphic Design ... Students of Faculty of Tourism are practiced in hotels, restaurants, bars, kitchens, travel companies ..., with equipment 3 - 4 stars. The Faculty of Economics, Foreign Languages also has its own practice room. The investment in practice facilities has made an important contribution to students’ acquaintance and improve skills.

Agribank also has its own on-campus location, which allows students to practice economics, improve their skills, and make students pay and withdraw money.

10. More than 90% of students have jobs immediately after graduation

PMB of the Saigon Tourist University has built close links with more than 1,000 businesses, theaters, film studios, theatrical arts, tour operators, hotel restaurants, student internships and referrals facilitating students to approach the reality of the business, when graduation can work immediately without training again.

High quality bilingual students are ensured 100% working in companies, high-level units in Vietnam. In addition, they have the qualification and ability to work in foreign companies in Vietnam, within the ASEAN and international economic community, and more than 90% of students have jobs immediately after graduation. This proves that the quality of the school's training has always been appreciated by many socio-economic organizations through their knowledge and ability to work, including the practical experience gained through practice and the two internships in business.

Cao Thang – Rector Office

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